Your consumer choices mean the difference between life and extinction for the orangutan. With PalmSmart, making the right choice is as easy as scanning a barcode.

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What is palm oil?

Palm oil is found in everything from candy to toothpaste, but its production is causing massive deforestation in Indonesia, and driving the orangutan towards extinction.

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Tour the app

PalmSmart is a mobile app that lets you find out if a product contains palm oil, and what the manufacturer's palm oil policy is, by scanning its barcode.

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Grading companies

Each company is given a letter grade (A-F) based on its commitment to using only palm oil that is produced without causing deforestation.

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Endorsements and accolades

We are delighted to have received the endorsement of the Orangutan Land Trust. Read about their work here.


The environmental website With Compassion & Soul recently ranked PalmSmart as the best palm oil application in the US.

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