Introducing PalmSmart

Palm oil is a versatile, edible oil found in everything from candy to toothpaste. Unfortunately, its production is causing massive deforestation and driving the orangutan to the brink of extinction.

The good news is that you can make a difference. By avoiding products containing palm oil, where possible, or only buying from manufacturers that sustainably source their palm oil, you can protect the environment. With PalmSmart, finding out whether a product contains palm oil, and how sustainably produced it is, is as simple as scanning its barcode.

Scan a barcode

With the press of a button, you can use your mobile device's camera to scan the barcode on a product. If the product is in our growing database of tens of thousands of items, you'll be told if it:

  • Contains palm oil, or a palm oil derivative.
  • Contains an ingredient that is typically (although not exclusively) made from palm oil.
  • Does not contain palm oil or a palm oil derivative.
Company grades

For each product containing palm oil, PalmSmart returns a letter grade for the manufacturer, indicating their commitment to using sustainable palm oil.

Even if you manage to find an item that's not yet in our database, we can usually deduce the manufacturer, and report its grade.

Grade transcripts

Find out in depth how we graded each company by clicking on the grade in the results pane. We'll show you the different factors that we considered, and give you access to our notes.

Send a tweet

Install the Twitter app and you can use PalmSmart to send a specially tailored tweet mentioning each manufacturer's palm oil usage. Whether urging them to stop using unsustainable palm oil, or encouraging them to live up to their palm oil commitments, getting involved couldn't be easier.

Get involved

Our database is large, containing tens of thousands of items, but if you find a product we don't have yet, you can let us know about it. That way you can help us help others make environmentally friendly shopping choices, too!

User accounts

You don't need a user account to scan a barcode and find out information about a product. A user account, however, will let you:

  • Submit missing items to our database.
  • Submit feedback on any item found in the database.
What's new in version 1.1

We're pleased to announce the release of version 1.1, with a host of new features.

  • Send a tweet about a company's palm oil usage, specifically tailored to that company.
  • New, clearer icons to help navigation.
  • Access in-depth grade transcripts for each company, so you can understand where the assigned grade comes from.

How to use the app

Coming soon... Watch a demo of the app being used (video).

Get the app (free) »

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